EBA Launches Decentralised EBAx Programme

Establishing, promoting and bridging local blockchain communities over Europe is a major goal of the European Blockchain Association. In order to leverage local communities, EBA created the EBAx Programme to empower local blockchain communities. 

Participants in the EBAx programme benefit from a comprehensive service and product portfolio provided by EBA to align their strategy. EBAx can offer individual events, seminars or tenders for its local community. Additionally, EBA provides infrastructure like access to the EBA GitHub organisation or guidance for virtual content distribution with press packages and communication channels. In a full-day onsite workshop, EBAx receives consulting from EBA members to draft a strategy and align the EBAx with EBA governance, architecture and processes. 

The more EBAx participate in the programme, the greater the benefits. Different EBAx could communicate with each other to exchange information about their success stories and start collaborations.

Read more about EBAx here or contact us at info@eublas.org!

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