The European Blockchain Association connects and supports blockchain hubs throughout Europe:
  • Local blockchain hubs serve as meeting points and working bases for blockchain startups, as well as event locations used by the EBA academy.
  • Hubs will be located in European blockchain centers, such as Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, etc..
  • A general agreement with a co-working provider facilitates collaboration on-site as well as between different local hubs.
  • The EBA’s website serves as the virtual blockchain hub for general information about the EBA and its offerings, a membership application form, the academy‘s scientific research and knowledge base, as well as provider of curated news about the blockchain ecosystem.
  • A Slack communication channel serves as the main channel for all communications. Using Slack, the EBA will facilitate collaboration between local blockchain hubs.
  • The EBA’s news will be shared via Twitter and Slack accounts.