Agroom Blockchain Island

AGROOM and Vis island, Croatia go hand in hand to create the first blockchain and IT island in the world. The island is turned into a hub that provides the infrastructure of the biggest IT capitals and the peace of the most remote natural wonders. AGROOM is a place that encourages you to be active, and rest at the same time. A collaborative environment for individuals and businesses in the blockchain and IT industries to work, network, and have fun together.

This innovative project will last for three months from June to September, with the potential to extend to a year-round initiative in the future. The program will feature two major conferences at the beginning and end of summer, specifically on June 17th, 2023, and September 2nd, 2023, respectively. Moreover, dedicated weeks will be held throughout the program, focusing on various topics related to chains, web3 companies, and their partners.

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