Any natural or legal person whose intent is to support the European Blockchain Association  EBA may become a member thereof.

Note that being listed as a member does oblige you to comply with the EBA’s governance. .

Should you wish to actively participate in one of the EBA’s working groups please provide us with additional information on your experience and background and how you would contribute to the respective working group. This information will be made public on our website to enable EBA members to find you, but may be modified by you at every time, of course.

The EBA Reward System -Bringing intrinsic and extrinsic motivation together

The European Blockchain Association – as a decentralised semi-autonomous organisation – relies on the active participation of its members. Beside acknowledging the intrinsic motivation of each EBA member to actively add value to the ecosystem, the EBA supports and rewards useful community activities by distributing crypto currency CrowdstartCoin XSC.

CrowdstartCoin XSC is an ERC20 crypto currency that was created in 2017 by Crowdstart Capital CSC in order to reward developers who add valuable code to the blockchain ecosystem. During the launch of the European Blockchain Association, CSC decided to donate 40% of its total XSC supply to the EBA.

EBA will provide each new member at the successful membership application with the same amount of (free) CrowdstartCoins XSC. In the first phase, each new member will receive 2.000 XSC.

The EBA uses CrowdstartCoin XSC for two purposes: first, XSC will be rewarded to EBA members that add value to the EBA community, and second, XSC will serve as the internal currency for the exchange of goods and services within the EBA community. Please see below the first version of the EBA benefits catalogue with the respective amounts of XSC per benefit and per year. Each member may make use of her CrowdstartCoin XSC to pay for the respective benefit provided by the EBA.

European Blockchain Association Benefits Catalogue
(All amounts of XSC are stated in per year terms)

500 XSC – Digital use of the official European Blockchain Association logo
1.000 XSC – Use of an individual European Blockchain Association eMail address
2.000 XSC – Offer consulting, training and other services to European Blockchain Association members
2.500 XSC – Lead a working group
3.500 XSC – Start a local European Blockchain Association hub
5.000 XSC – Start a national European Blockchain Association hub

This catalogue will be changed and extended over time. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the catalogue, feel free to join the conversation in the official EBA Slack channel

Membership Fees
As an association registered in Germany, the EBA is a non-profit organisation. It requires its members to pay membership fees in order to guarantee the setup and maintenance of its basic governance, as well as to cover expenses of organisational and administrative tasks.

The EBA offers various membership packages, designed for the specific needs of the respective member – be it a corporation, a consultancy, a scientific institution, a startup or an individual. If you represent a corporation, an auditing, tax and management consultancy, or a startup – please contact us to receive your specific EBA benefits package.

The fee structure:
Corporation: 15-50 TEUR (depending on number of employees)
Consulting: 25 TEUR
Scientific Institution: 2.500 EUR
Startup: 2.500 EUR
Individual: 2.500 EUR
Honorary: Free (Individuals who are accepted as honorary members)
Special: Free (Individuals who support the EBA through active working capacity can receive free membership)

Become a member.