EBA Membership

Actively collaborate with organizations and other individuals to work on projects, found a working group and share and promote your results with the help of the EBA..

Any natural or legal person who wants to support the European Blockchain Association EBA may become a member thereof.

Please note that members are required to agree to and comply with the EBA’s governance.

Membership Fees

As an association registered in Germany, the EBA is a non-profit organisation. It requires its members to pay membership fees, which fulfil two purposes. The first is to cover basic costs associated with keeping the organisation up and running (server costs, marketing, travel etc). The second is to provide the budgets for education and lobbying services.

The EBA offers various membership packages, designed for the specific needs of the respective member – be it a corporation, a consultancy, a scientific institution, a startup or an individual.

Fee Structure for Individuals:

  • Individuals: 2.500 € per annum

Fee Structure for Organizations:

  • Corporation: 15.000-50.000 €
    (depending on the number of employees)
  • Consulting: 25.000€
  • Scientific Institution: 2.500 €
  • Startup: 2.500 €

If you represent a corporation, an auditing, tax and management consultancy, or a startup – please contact us to receive your specific EBA benefits package.

You’re not a member of the EBA yet?