Self-Sovereign Identity Working Group

We’re dedicated to leveraging communication and coordination in the European SSI community about best practices for Self-Sovereign Identity applications.

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The European Blockchain Association e. V. identified the potential for better communication, coordination and guidance in the European SSI community. Right now, many enterprises and organisations are building their own SSI solutions by implementing the existing standards and protocols. Since all these parties do similar work and have to face similar problems, it is critical for the community to share these learnings and experiences openly. To facilitate this process, the European Blockchain Association e. V. has founded an SSI Working Group which is open to participation from organisations, enterprises and individuals.


  • Unite the European SSI Community by providing an independent platform to exchange information, spread SSI-specific knowledge and collaborate with other members 
  • Members are encouraged to share their SSI-experiences and develop best-practice approaches
  • Bring together SSI enablers and potential SSI adopters to lower the barriers for collaboration
  • Holding of regular workshops dedicated to a specific topic of SSI
  • Spread knowledge and best-practice approaches in an SSI certification programme for corporate developers


Standardisations are a fundamental element in the SSI space to enable an ecosystem that uses the same protocols, messaging types and data types. This will enable interoperability between systems. This page summarizes the most important specifications and tools for SSI and provides a starting point for an overview.


Decentralization needs coordination. Institutions formed or took over specific parts within the SSI ecosystem to work on standardisations or tools for the community. Find here some of the most impactful organisations in SSI.

SSI Wallets

Wallets are the touchpoint of users to SSI as the digital identity is being managed on the user’s device by the user directly. Here, users can interact with other actors on the internet using their own identity on their wallet. This page lists some of the wallets that exist in the market and are ready to be installed.

Frameworks & SDK

No one has to start implementing SSI solutions from scratch. There are many open-sourced frameworks that already cover a large portion of the standarised specifications. This page lists some of the most common SDKs and frameworks that developers new to the space can adopt and immplement their SSI solution on.


Self-Sovereign Identity is a broad and deep topic that can get quite confusing very quickly. Getting a foot in the door with SSI can be difficult. Therefore, this page lists some courses that offer a fast onboarding for the SSI novice.

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