EBA Engagements

The EBA provides an independent neutral platform for blockchain-related communities and organizations to discuss, develop and elaborate on shared work. Furthermore, we also offer courses to deepen your knowledge of blockchain and DLT technology

Proof of Stake Working Group EUPoS

The working group is an interdisciplinary forum supporting the adoption of “Proof of Stake blockchain consensus protocols” in all their variations. This includes comprehensive educational work and lobbying efforts directed towards political decision-makers within the European Union and other European states. The working group will also seek to improve the state of the industry as a whole through self-regulation, standards-setting and the development of best practices within the industry.

EBA Working Group Self Sovereign Identity EUSSI

The WG is dedicated to the advancement of digital solutions for identity which conform to the principles of privacy by design. EUSSI advocates for increased adoption for self-sovereign identity technology across all areas of society and undertakes activities to strengthen policy, provide education and enable adoption for all stakeholders. The WG is platform agnostic and supports diverse initiatives including but not limited to Hyperledger Aries, Hyperledger Indy, Ethereum-based SSI and more. This working group aims to serve as an independent platform for businesses and organisations to share experiences and find best-practice approaches for SSI solutions.

EBA Tokenization Working Group EUTOK

Securitization, i.e. the issuing of traditional financial instruments on a DLT is only one aspect of tokenization. In fact, this emerging scientific field has the potential to bring innovation to many areas from economics, business, law and taxes, to computer science.The Tokenization Working Group of the European Blockchain Association (EUTOK) aims to connect stakeholders from the wide range of scientific disciplines impacted by tokenization. Our goal is to develop frameworks, best practices, and educational content. Outcomes of the Tokenization Working Group will be shared with EBA members and communicated to the market.

Certified Blockchain & DLT Manager

The “Certified Blockchain & DLT Manager” workshop in cooperation with TUM aims to convey knowledge to employees who want to acquire verified knowledge about blockchain technology. In two modules, the participants can obtain theoretical knowledge by experts in the field and encouraged to apply the knowledge in a case study.

Working Groups

The heart of the EBA comprises the internal working groups. Here, like-minded organizations or communities have the chance to collaborate for their businesses in an independent and professional environment. We support working groups during their work and help to bring their matter of concern to the right people and institutions.


The EBA helps to establish EBAx (local EBA hubs) to strengthen the local blockchain community in Europe. By providing a comprehensive service and product portfolio, EBAx serve as meeting points and working bases for blockchain startups, organisations and communities. This leads to a strong and closely connected EBA community that works in a decentralized, yet efficient, manner.

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