Empowering The European Blockchain Ecosystem

The European Blockchain Association (EBA) combines, synchronizes and leverages blockchain-related activities of European corporations, startups, venture capitalists, and scientific institutes.

The EBA is based on five governance principles.

The EBA serves as a superior, neutral body to aggregate and coordinate blockchain activities throughout Europe and to provide Non-European parties with a direct API into the European blockchain ecosystem.

Structure & Organization

The EBA is designed as a Decentralised Semi-Autonomous Organisation (DSAO): each separate entity acts as an independent node, connected with others through a blockchain protocol based on XSC, governed by EBA’s statutes.

The EBA is internally organized and powered through blockchain-based payment and accounting protocol. Thus, EBA encorporates blockchain technology at its center: all payment and accounting processes benefit from blockchain’s superior technological architecture. The protocol supports the EBA’s DSAO structure through its payment and accounting protocol that allows for a highly efficient process management.

The EBA will use Crowdstart Capital’s crypto currency XSC in order to provide the blockchain ecosystem with liquidity. For this purpose, 40% of existing XSC tokens will be distributed within EBA’s members for adding value to the blockchain ecosystem. Thus, XSC serves as the reward currency for all activities within the EBA.

Additionally, XSC serves as the EBA’s cryptocurrency for internal payments and accounting.

Node Architecture

The EBA has been founded on the pillars of the following nodes:

  • Local Blockchain Hubs: Local chapters throughout Europe
  • Virtual Blockchain Hubs: Website & Communication Channels
  • Academy: Educational Program & Scientific Research
  • Events: Conferences, Hackathons, Meetups
  • Crowdstart Capital: Startup Accelerator

The EBA’s DSAO architecture is powered by:

  • Blockchain-based Payment and Accounting System RAAY
  • DSAO Payment & Reward Crypto Currency XSC