The European Blockchain Association EBA helps to kickstart and establish local EBA hubs for the blockchain community.


The EBA connects and supports EBAx (local EBA hubs) throughout Europe. By providing a comprehensive service and product portfolio, local EBAx serve as meeting points and working bases for blockchain startups, organisations and communities. This leads to a strong and closely connected EBA community that works in a decentralized, yet efficient, manner.

EBAx can be established all over Europe to empower the local blockchain community. Even though the EBAx act in a decentralized way, there is a fair amount of communication with other EBAx. This programme consists of a full day kickstart & onboarding workshop – the EBAx strategy is being discussed and is followed by a first onsite meetup.


In order to have a great start of the EBAx, the EBA offers a full day workshop onsite to align the EBAx with the EBA principles, architecture and processes. 

The workshop comprises the following topics:

  • How to organise meetups, events, conferences and hackathons
  • Provided infrastructure by EBA, s.a. GitHub repositories
  • Guidance of virtual content distribution with press packages and communication channels via Slack
  • How to set up EBAx tenders
  • Academy products: 
    1. Content, e.g. EUPoS
    2. Programmes, e.g. Certified Blockchain & DLT Manager


Fixed Fee

  1. Universities/Associations → Free + Travel & Expenses (2 persons)
  2. Fund/Corporates → EUR 10k + Travel & Expenses (2 persons)

Variable Fee

  1. License Fee: 15% of EBAx revenues

Want to get involved in EBAx?