2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum

Coming together: Policy considerations at the convergence of distributed ledger technology and other transformational technologies

The Global Blockchain Policy Forum is the leading international event focused on the policy implications of distributed ledger technologies, led by the OECD’s Global Blockchain Policy Centre. The second edition of the Forum in 2019 was attended by more than 1 600 people in person and over 10 000 people online. In 2020, the Forum will virtually convene Ministers, senior decision-makers from the public and private sectors, experts, academics and other stakeholders to:

• Discuss the leading applications of distributed ledger technologies including central bank digital currency, digital identity, asset tokenisation, and the intersect of blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies;
• Examine blockchain’s role in helping governments build resilience and respond to long-term social and economic policy challenges,
• Review the emerging strategies and policy responses including through the recent work of the OECD, and share best practices identified across the world; and
• Look ahead to emerging trends in the blockchain industry, and hear from stakeholders on how policy can best support viable and fit-for-purpose innovation and adoption of distributed ledger technologies.

In 2020, the Global Blockchain Policy Forum will be held over 5 days, Monday 16 November – Friday 20 November, running from 1pm – 5.30pm (CET) each day.

Registration is free! Register now! https://oecd-events.org/blockchainforum

Please join us for a special plenary discussion as part of the 2020 OECD Global Blockchain Policy Forum. EBA cofounder Rebecca Johnson will be discussing the convergence of distributed ledger technology, AI and transformational technologies with experts from Fetch.ai, Reliance Jio Platforms and Berlin University of Technology.

The link to the plenary session can be found here.