Blockchain Adria Online Conference

Blockchain Adria is a leading blockchain network in South Eastern Europe connecting private and public stakeholders active in blockchain technology education, development and real use case implementation; including the development and global launch of first national blockchain infrastructure SIChain in Republic of Slovenia and first regional blockchain as a service network. From 2017 and on Blockchain Adria organized impactful national and regional blockchain conferences, meetups and training courses and through networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration, it has developed into a central Blockchain Digital Innovation Hub in Adriatic region.

On March 25, Blockchain Adria is starting a series of Blockchain Adria online events, with a kick off conference Blockchain in Enterprise: From Concept to Revenue. These events are designed to provide participants with the insights, connections, and practical workshops needed to transform their business models and technology estates for the new decentralized economy. They will cover a wide array of industries, including government and public services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, logistics and retail.

EBA chairman, Dr. Michael Gebert will be talking about  “The European Perspective – a critical view on decentralized approach” at 04:40 CET

Participation in the conference is free of charge. More about the conference and registration can be found on the conference website.

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