Blockchain Mania #27 @ Venture Rocket & Future Block

“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls and others build windmills.”, Chinese proverb

We cooked another exciting meetup for you and this time we are excited to have Tzahi Kanza. Tzahi has 18 years of experience in growing startups in diverse topics, and in the last 4 years he became an expert in blockchain business and technology. Tzahi is leading FutureBlock – one of the world’s top blockchain accelerators, and he’s the CEO of Securer and VentureRocket, blockchain-based platforms for ecosystems with investors, companies, startups, funds, and assets. In addition, Tzahi is a founding member in FutureBlock Malta – Malta’s leading accelerator, in cooperation with the Malta government.

Our Talk’s Topic:
Blockchain and crypto adoption – understanding today and look at the future

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