CCA Token Summit

The TOKEN SUMMIT not only aims at discussing the legal fundamentals at home and abroad, but also seeks to make the underlying technology “comprehensible”.

What is already possible today and, above all, what makes sense? Where is the journey going, and where will the financial centers of the future be fully digitized without financial intermediaries? Which metaverse will prevail, and how far has the technology already come? Is it all just a gimmick? Learn more from experts with many years of experience in these areas.

Explore the Metaverse Experience and NFT-Garden and enjoy a unique networking opportunity, allowing you to get in touch with the Liechtenstein blockchain ecosystem made up of exchanges, banks, Layer-1s, DAPP developers, enthusiasts, advisors, regulators and government officials, as well as the announced global list of speakers.

🎤 Join EBA Head of Policy Erwin Voloder and EBA Head of Growth Euginio Reggianini for their talks!

In 2022 the event featured 50+ speakers from 10+ countries and welcomed more than 500 participants from various sectors.

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