Dubai Assembly for Generative AI

Following the success of last year’s version of the Assembly, the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, this year’s Assembly seeks to expand dialogue around the rapidly evolving sphere of GenAI and its transformative potential across multiple sectors.

Convened by the Dubai Future Foundation, the Assembly provides a dynamic platform for a diverse range of influencers – ministers, CEOs, technology leads, policymakers, investors, creatives, startups, and academics alike. Assembling thought leaders from around the globe, we strive to explore how emerging technology influences our world, reshapes business models, and drives unprecedented value creation.

The Assembly’s agenda brims with interactive main and side sessions, immersive exhibitions, and live demos, presenting attendees an opportunity to gain invaluable insights, foster collaborations, and broaden their understanding of GenAI. The main agenda underscores themes such as Generative AI 101, the role of governments and regulators in GenAI, sector-specific deep dives, and comparative analyses of emerging technologies. The side agenda, crafted collaboratively with our partners, features engaging dialogue from big tech, promising GenAI startups, and global organisations.

Every week, new products and services emerge, with governments and businesses reacting and adapting accordingly. This assembly offers a strategic platform to delve into these changes, identify growth sectors, and evaluate the competitive role that Dubai can play globally. An integral part of our approach is to scrutinise current GenAI business applications and examine the ripple effects primarily in text and image domains.

Post assembly, participants will receive a comprehensive summary report from the Dubai Future Foundation, encapsulating key insights, discussions, and potential future paths for GenAI. The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI endeavours to bridge the gap between government, enterprise, and emerging technology, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem of knowledge sharing, innovation, and progress.

🎤International EBA Ambassador Christian Gleich will be speaking at the event.

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