European Web3 Summit

The Web3 Euro Summit is an invitation-only two-days event dedicated to fostering a robust and sustainable environment for Web3 in Europe.

In the panel “Is Blockchain Technology Ready-To-Use to Strengthen the EU Economy?” industry leaders are exploring the exciting possibilities and imminent challenges.

👥 Meet the esteemed panel:
1️⃣ Helen Köpman, Deputy Head, DG CNECT Digital Innovation and Blockchain, European Commission
2️⃣ Tommaso Astazi, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Blockchain for Europe
3️⃣ Sheila Warren, CEO, Crypto Council for Innovation
4️⃣ Dr. Michael Gebert, Chair, European Blockchain Association e.V.

Guided by the skillful moderator, Isaure Courcenet, Founder of Ascent, we’ll delve into the potential of #blockchain technology and its role in bolstering the EU’s economy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders and be part of the discussions shaping our #digitalfuture.

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