Navigating Staking: Challenges and Opportunities Between Innovation and Regulation

In a landscape where staking is often misunderstood, debated, and even misrepresented, join us for an enlightening discussion that aims to shed light on this intricate aspect of blockchain technology.

From the misconceptions and debates to the complex technical elements that are often challenging to grasp, the upcoming expert discussion aims to provide clarity and to facilitate a constructive conversation.

Organised by the Blockchain & Innovation Circle of the Office for Financial Market Innovation Liechtenstein, Hans Kuhn, Partner at Lawside KLG, Erwin Voloder, MES, Head of Policy at the European Blockchain Association, and Eugenio Reggianini, Head of Growth at the European Blockchain Association will provide insights on “Navigating Staking – Challenges and Opportunities Between Innovation and Regulation”

This event is a must-attend for anyone passionate about blockchain technology, innovation, and regulation.

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