The Staking Summit

The Staking Ecosystem is coming together at the Staking Rewards Staking Summit 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Staking is maturing and getting ready for institutional adoption. Learn best practices for staking and validation from the best in class across the top PoS networks.

The community gets together for a full-day in-person networking event with tons of opportunities to do business. Discover the cutting-edge staking and governance challenges, novelties, and solutions. Let’s advance the staking industry and craft the PoS story together.

Topics discussed include: Staking, PoS, Liquid Staking, DVT, MPC, MEV, Custody, Institutional Staking, Regulation, Taxation, Staking UX, Delegation Behaviour, Validator Best Practices, Decentralization, Governance, Tokenomics/Inflation/Revenues

Please note: This is an invite-only event. Please register here and state “EBA website” as reference under “How did you find this?” 

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