Using Purpose Bound Money as a tool to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals

IoT Netherlands and Validvent, with support from Blockchain for Europe, the European Blockchain Association e.V., and the Vlada Republike Slovenije, are organizing a workshop on “Using Purpose Bound Money as a Tool to Help Achieve Sustainable Development Goals.”

The event will take place on Thursday, June 6th, and will feature a presentation by Adri Wischmann from IoT Nederland and a keynote by Nena Dokuzov from the Vlada Republike Slovenije. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for our members to learn about the potential of tokenization in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and to engage with other stakeholders in the European blockchain community.

We strongly encourage our members to attend this event and share their insights and experiences. By working together and leveraging the EBA as an accelerator of action, we can drive faster and stronger progress in the blockchain industry.

Furthermore, we invite other national and regional associations to collaborate with us and participate in such events. United in knowledge and action, we can create a more robust and impactful European blockchain ecosystem.

To register for the workshop and for more information, please visit the event page or contact the organizers directly.

We look forward to your active participation and continued support in our shared mission to advance blockchain technology in Europe.