w3.vision x dmexco 23

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into our lives, it is transforming the way we interact with the world and is thus creating a new digital culture. To continue fostering this evolution, w3.vision, one of Europe’s leading Web3 & Metaverse conferences happens on the 20/21 September 2023, in Cologne Germany. For the second year w3.vision is part of  DMEXCO, Europe’s leading marketing fair,  giving the Web3 and Metaverse community the spotlight it deserves.

This year’s mission:  build a digital world for the next generations and connect the Web3 audience and their expertise with the DMEXCO audience which is a mix of C-Level Executives, Marketing-Leads, Strategists, and Biz Devs.

At w3.vision you can:

  • Reach 40,000+ attendees and 600+ exhibitors, including industry heavyweights like Google, Snap, or Adobe
  • Connect with the Web3 community and established brands like VISA, Jägermeister, and Highsnobiety
  • Network with C-Level executives from various brands focusing on Marketing & Business Development

Topics covered are:

  • Immersive Commerce Revolution
  • Community & Co-Creation
  • Web3 Cultural Impact
  • Web3 Tech & Regulation
  • Sustainable Virtual Worlds
  • Virtual Economies Unleashed

More information on the event website: https://www.w3.vision/