Webinar: Convergence of Blockchain & AI

Blockchain and AI are currently two of the most discussed technolgies. But, are we witnessing the coming together of two technologies that naturally belong together? Or are there more challenges than opportunities deriving from the intersection of AI and Blockchain?

Join us on Feb 14, at 18:00 CET for a deep dive into this trending subject and assess with us hopes and fears sparked by the tech duo in our webinar “Convergence of Blockchain and AI”, which we are co-hosting with the Department of Economics in Blockchain of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens .

Discuss strategic insights and actionable recommendations regarding integration, security, and ethical deployment of these technologies with with top experts Mariana de la Roche, who is co-leading the Task Force on Blockchain and AI at INATBA and EBA Head of Policy Erwin Voloder. 

The webinar is free of cost. Please sign up here.