World Blockchain Summit, Dubai

World Blockchain Summit is among the world’s longest running Blockchain Summit series with 20+ editions across 11 countries.

From 22-23 April the blockchain industry will meet in Dubai to discuss a wealth of different topics like the decentralization of finance, blockchain interoperability, crypto evolution, tokenization of real world assets or how to maximise ESG impact with blockchain.

  • Meet with Institutional Investors, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Asset Allocators and Angel Investors who are on the lookout for the most promising entrepreneurial projects in the Web3, Metaverse, NFT and Digital Twin space.
  • Listen to sessions from some of the greatest minds in the Blockchain and Crypto space as they answer some of today’s most pressing questions in the current industry.
  • The show features presentations, use-case-studies and educational sessions by global technology providers who are showcasing their latest innovations designed with the primary focus on enabling businesses and organizations to adopt Metaverse solutions.

➡️ For more information and tickets visit the event website