SSI Wallets

Wallets are the touchpoint of users to SSI as the digital identity is being managed on the user’s device by the user directly. Here, users can interact with other actors on the internet using their own identity on their wallet. This page lists some of the wallets that are already existing in the market and ready to be downloaded.

Trinsic Wallet

Trinsic allows you to simplify your digital life by obtaining digital versions of all these credentials so that they’re there when you need them—easily, securely, and privately.

Esatus SeLF

esatus Wallet allowing anyone to conveniently and securely control their own identity and to selectively disclose identity data. Every user has full control over the data they want to disclose and to whom to disclose it to, equipping this procedure with a maximum of privacy.

Jolocom Smart Wallet

To put the protocol into practice, we’ve created the Jolocom Smart Wallet app for identity management that puts you in control of your data. Manage all your encrypted personal data in one secure app. Wallet

Meet Connect.Me, a secure place to hold all kinds of useful things. Get digital credentials, share them easily when needed.


The Lissi Wallet simplifies the management of credentials, certificates, contacts and other personal data. This information is stored on the user’s device and can be presented by the user to third parties as desired. This is useful for different use cases and enables a new way of identity management.


Those who want to build solutions using a mediator agent now can use Indicio’s free, hosted version of the mediator for testing, development, and demonstrations. This will shorten the time to develop proof-of-concept and pilot solutions, and help with ensuring interoperability. Anyone in the decentralized identity community will have access to the mediator agent code via the open source contribution in the ACA-Py library.

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