Blockchain City Alliance Joins European Blockchain Association

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Working Groups | 0 comments

Barcelona-based Blockchain City Alliance BCA, the premier global organisation aligning key stakeholders from local and regional governments, urban based blockchain technology companies and researchers to connect the smart cities movement with decentralized blockchain technologies, becomes a member of the European Blockchain Association and will act as responsible lead of the Working Group Smart Cities WGCty.

For EBA this is great news: not only is Barcelona Smart City #1 in Europe, but BCA founder Boyd Cohen is one of the most respected and best known Smart City experts worldwide. Having the BCA leading the Working Group Smart Cities is certainly a perfect basis to explore the role and benefits of blockchain technology in the Smart City environment.

All EBA nodes can profit from the activities of WGCty, since Smart Cities are ecosystems in itself; e.g. most mobility aspects, perhaps all beside long-haul flights, are relevant aspects to-be-blockchained in cities of the future. WGCty is already organising an event in early 2019 in Barcelona, showcasing how  Smart City leverage Blockchain technology.

If you work in the area of Smart Cities and want tu support the WGCty, please contact us.