European Blockchain Association teams up with Nooor

by | Feb 28, 2019 | news | 0 comments

We are happy to announce that the European Blockchain Association is now an official partner of the Armenian Blockchain Association Nooor. The non-profit organisation Nooor was founded in 2017 and connects and supports various stakeholder in the blockchain realm, thus following the same goals as we do.

Both the European and the Armenian Blockchain Association are built on the pillars of education, community and a strong network in order to foster economical and personal growth among the members. Furthermore, our shared purpose is to build a bridge between Central Europe and Armenia for start-ups, corporate businesses, developers and other blockchain experts to create a powerful network of blockchain enthusiasts by joining our forces. We believe that a cooperation between our two associations is going to bring major benefits to all our members in reaching their goals and in building a sustainable international network.

Additionally, this cooperation brings both organisations one step closer to their overarching goal of creating an internationally active blockchain hub for their respective areas. Through the exchange of thoughts on ongoing research projects and by sharing relevant results, we hope to foster the innovation process and to enable real-life applications of the findings. With a strong and well-established network of partnerships with Blockchain supporters worldwide and especially in eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, Nooor is the ideal partner for us to further expand our network and to offer access to those regions to our members. 

We are looking forward to cooperating with Nooor and learn and thrive together. We will be working hand in hand to bring Blockchain with all its benefits to the next level and to establish an all-encompassing network of Blockchain supporters. The European Blockchain Association will keep you updated and share the progress with you on this blog.

The first event of both organisations is the blockchain summer camp in Munich and Berlin, where blockchain enthusiasts from Armenia and Europe share their knowhow.