Executive Blockchain Education by TUM School of Management, Datarella and EBA

by | Mar 30, 2019 | Academy, news | 1 comment

As a foundational technology, Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies DLT are the basis for future data-driven businesses and applications. The Blockchain-inherent decentralisation means a paradigm shift not only for technical architectures and processes, but also for business models and society at-large. For enterprises and their managers, understanding Blockchain and DLT will be an essential component of their future work.

Together with one of Germany’s leading universities, Technische Universität München TUM, and Enterprise Blockchain company Datarella, the European Blockchain Association offers the brand-new program Certified Blockchain & DLT Manager on one of the most promising but also contentious technologies: corporate leaders learn how to implement and manage Blockchain and DLT, and how to unlock its potential for the enterprise.

This Certificate Program covers the technical, business, social and legal aspects of blockchain-based solutions in a balanced and unbiased way. The target groups of this program are both people with IT and management background – employees in companies who are to be developed into Blockchain Managers, distinguishable in:
a) Technically oriented occupational groups
b) Business management oriented occupational groups

The program starts on18 September 2019 and will take place in 2 modules over a course of 5 days. Lecturers, amongst others, are:  Prof. Dr. Florian Matthes (TUM), Michael Reuter (Datarella) Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel (TUM), Florian Huber (chain.de / Paradigm Ventures), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ernstberger (TUM) and Prof. Dr. Isabell Welpe (TUM).

The program is open for applications.