EBA Update Round – April 2019

by | Apr 30, 2019 | news, Working Groups | 0 comments

Topics Discussed: The EBA’s legal basis as a German association, new options for augmenting member profiles aka EBA Cards, a pan-european survey of WGGov, and XSC as a means of exchange of services

In this April’s update round, we shared our excitement about the imminent entry of the EBA in the Munich court register – a process that finally comes to its end.

Following this, we discussed new enhanced editing options for EBA Cards:
Each EBA member can now present herself to let others know about her interests and to start conversations based on her expertise. We recently added a number of new fields and options allowing members to add much more information to their profiles. Thus, the EBA Card could become a valuable asset in a blockchain expert’s CV.

After these more administrative topics, we had the pleasure of watching Working Group Governance steward Kevin Leuthardt presenting preliminary results of the first pan-european survey of the legal and regulatory impacts of Decentralised Semi-Autonomous Organisations DSAOs, such as the EBA itself.

It was great to see that Kevin managed to get valuable feedback from different countries on a topic which itself is quite sophisticated. Here’s the link to the preliminary results. It would be absolutely great if each EBA member could check in her personal rolodex (for younger members: that’s the archaic version of a contact network) if there are more potential target persons (i.e. European lawyers) we could invite to answer the survey! Please feel free to distribute this link to everybody who matches this requirement.

Let’s say a BIG THANK YOU to Kevin and Rebecca to take care of this survey – great work!

We concluded the update round by discussing how to implement Crowdstart Coin XSC as a means of exchange of services in EBA. On the one hand, we need to find services for EBA members that are valuable in order to justify the member fee, on the other hand, XSC shall be used to exchange services among EBA members individually. Ideas how to foster XSC are welcome – please add them on Slack!

That’s it for today – see you soon!