Amazing Blocks brings Tokenization Know-how to EBA!

by | Apr 23, 2021 | memberships, news, Tokenization, Working Groups | 0 comments

Welcome Amazing Blocks! Our new member is well versed in the tokenization of assets, helping their clients leverage the regulatory framework in Liechtenstein to tokenize real estate, art, machines, cars, or any other asset or right. At the EBA, Amazing Blocks is a founding member and co-chair of the newly established EBA Tokenization Working Group (EUTOK), which aims to set frameworks and realize concrete tokenization projects as well as provide educational resources.

“With Amazing Blocks we are enabling the tokenization of everything and support tokenization projects throughout their lifecycle. With our EBA membership and the participation in the Tokenization Working Group we want to further explore the token economy and help educate newcomers about the opportunities and challenges in this area”, says Nicoals Weber, Head of Business Development at Amazing Blocks.

A legal wrapper for tokenizing assets

The pioneering Liechtenstein Token Act enables Amazing Blocks, which is based in Liechtenstein, to provide a legal framework for the tokenization of assets – the digital way. The companies’ software , which interacts with the Ethereum blockchain, allows for an automated managing process of digitized legal entities and helps to overcome inefficient processes. Investors can hold their tokenized assets digitally in their wallet. Amazing Blocks also helps with the distribution and transferring of shares and other tokenized assets to existing or new shareholders. 

“It’s encouraging to see more businesses recognize that connecting and collaborating with the ecosystem is one of the best ways to drive and secure their own company. We’re thrilled that the EBA will serve as a neutral ground for such interdisciplinary work, and we’re particularly excited to see where tokenization goes next, given its many connections to other technologies and industries.”, states Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association.