EuSSI at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology

by | May 6, 2021 | news, SSI, Working Groups | 0 comments

EBA’s EuSSI Working Group initiator Martin Schäffner was a speaker on the latest online webinar of the Israeli chamber of information technology. He gave an introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity. You can rewatch the presentation in this video:

Invited by Dr. Milly Perry, Chair of the Blockchain Excellence Centre at the Israeli Chamber of Information Technology, Martin represented the EuSSI Working Group of the European Blockchain Association along with speakers from Microsoft and AIO to talk about Self-Sovereign Identity. Martin covered the problem of today’s digital identities of siloed and federated digital identities and the complicated process of transferring real-world information about yourself on the internet. He further mentioned the 10 principles of Self-Sovereign Identity along with an explanation of the Decentralized Identifier (DID) and Verifiable Credential (VC) standards. He put it into the perspective of how this could fundamentally change the way we will interact on the internet and what current challenges are. 

The Israel Chamber of Information Technology is a public organisation that integrates, develops and represents all the information and communication technology and hi-tech professionals in Israel. Their goal is to create social, organisational and business value, and to become a stable professional home for the advancement of its members. 

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