EUTOK Token Profiles: Arweave – AR

by | Jun 24, 2021 | news, Tokenization | 0 comments

Over 8000 tokens are listed on Coingecko. Getting an overview or even a deeper understanding of these tokens is very time-consuming.

But no worries, the EUTOK, the Tokenization Working Group at the European Blockchain Association is here to help. With this post, we are going to launch a series of token profiles, providing you with insights on the hottest tokens on the market. As a format, we choose a simple slideshow to get you on track as fast as possible.

We will start with AR, the native token of the Arweave Blockweave. AR is primarily used to pay minders of the network for permanent data storage. But enough with words, enjoy the slideshow and let us know if you have any further question or what token you would like to see next.

Wait, what? You want to create and publish your own token profiles? Get in touch and join the EUTOK.