Tackling the blockchain education challenge – EBA calls to create EDU DAO

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How can we make the fast-growing body of knowledge in blockchain & DLT applicable in a hyper-entrepreneurial, unregulated environment? We are convinced, it will take new approaches and out-of-the-box thinking.  That is why the European Blockchain Association is launching this call to join and create an EDU DAO which connects institutions teaching blockchain & DLT around Europe.  The initiative is led by our member Dr. Milly Perry, an esteemed authority in everything blockchain and founder of the DAO4DAOs Institute.

For blockchain enthusiasts it often doesn’t feel that way, but the fact is: it is still early days for DLT& blockchain. While you are reading this, numerous new projects, technological improvements, and use cases are in the making. Keeping technical staff, product designers, managers, educators, and users up to speed in this fast-changing environment, will take more than classic training and education. While there are thousands of courses and trainings available, there is little to no interaction and coordination among educators and training institutions themselves.

EBA EDU DAO – led by Dr. Milly Perry

The initiative is led by Dr. Milly Perry, an expert and consultant for innovation, blockchain, and R&D. and founder of the DAO4DAOs Institute. With her PhD in Information Science, specializing in Knowledge Management in Higher Education and Technology Transfer and Innovation, she has a deep understanding for the task at hand. As Head of the Blockchain Excellence Center at the Israeli chamber of Information Technology and with her blockchain lecturing assignments at the Ono Academic College and Roppin College, she is also deeply involved in all practical aspects of blockchain education. She is well-connected in the blockchain ecosystem with engagements and memberships in the WEF Economic Forum, the ISO Blockchain Governance Experts Group, the Blockchain Alliance Europe, INATBA International Trusted Blockchain Applications Association, and more.

A vision for a dynamic learning organism

“We couldn’t think of anyone better qualified to lead this initiative and we are more than happy to welcome Milly on board the European Blockchain Association. We strongly believe that creating a vivid community that leverages all the knowledge and insights of “how & what to learn in the blockchain field” will benefit all members of the blockchain education arena, industry and society. Especially when it is based on the blockchain spirit and values: transparency, p2p, decentralization, and open sharing”, says Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association.

“My vision is a dynamic, lifelike learning organism. It is our goal to connect institutions teaching blockchain around Europe, with the EDU DAO acting as a joint platform for knowledge sharing, community support, and the exchange of ideas. I am very happy that the European Blockchain Association is taking the lead in establishing a platform to tackle common challenges together”, says Dr. Milly Perry. “The EDU DAO will make the work of all participants more effective, easier to keep up-to-date, more impactful and transparent.”

Open for educators, institutions, and organisations – Join us!

We invite all educators, institutions, and organisations to join us in this effort to bring new approaches to blockchain & DLT education!

For further background information also read our interview with Milly about the EDU DAO.

Contact us at info@eublas.org.