The European Blockchain Association welcomes Hiblocks – its first member from Asia.

by | Nov 5, 2021 | memberships, news | 0 comments

We are happy to announce that our network of companies powering the blockchain & DLT industry is growing further. Our new member, Hiblocks, is based in South Korea and not only adds a fresh geographical perspective but also contributes knowledge about how blockchain can transform the media industry. Hiblocks offers a blockchain-based social media curation platform that rewards its users for various activities with its own token.

“We are convinced that blockchain will see accelerated growth in Europe. For us, the diversity of Europe with its multiple countries and various regulations is a perfect environment to explore different approaches and systems”, says Jiwon Shu, CEO of Hiblocks. “As the DAO communities are growing, we want to take this chance to exchange ideas, experiment, and support the community who enhances the blockchain technology. Code and votes have no language barriers after all. We are looking forward to gaining new insights from the multi-national member-base of the European Blockchain Association.” 

Adding value to social media

Hiblocks is a blockchain-utilizing social media platform that aims to decentralize the current monetization system of social networks. As a novel concept blockchain project, it will provide value to users by changing the transparency of revenue sharing within social media platforms. The platform enables users to gather contents from different platforms and easily share these with others. The users are rewarded with HIBS token for activities, management tasks, or staking their tokens. For a better understanding of the technology, we recommend the Hiblocks whitepaper

Global networks for a global technology

“Blockchain, DLT and the Web3 are global developments. We are very happy to extend our community beyond the European borders, enabling our members to exchange insights and experiences across different geographical regions and industries”, says Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association.  “With Hiblocks we are adding a unique Asian marekt perspective on blockchain and DLT. I am looking forward to the exchange.”