EBA puts a spotlight on NFT

by | Dec 3, 2021 | news, NFT, Tokenization | 0 comments

Welcome Matthias Meyer-Lutterloh! Our new member will head up the EBA’s new focus group on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which is part of the EBA’s Tokenization Working Group. Matthias brings a strong background in Blockchain, DeFi, DAO, Regulatory Framework, and NFT to the working group. His emphasis will be on building an engaged community of digital practitioners in the field of NFT by providing a platform that enables all professionals to grow their networks, knowledge, skills and careers; thus help improving the landscape and framework for this booming but still infant sector of the industry.

“My goal is to support the adoption of NFT by creating an interdisciplinary forum and collaborating globally with entities, agencies, universities, and organisations to bring the leading experts of the NFT space together. The European Blockchain Association provides an ideal platform for this. Since the focus group is embedded in the Tokenization Working Group, we can even take a wider approach also considering interdependencies of the NFT space and developments in tokenization in general”, says Matthias Meyer-Lutterloh. 

Matthias’ interest in blockchain began in 2014, when he founded the “mybinary.me” think-tank, which explored how the blockchain and the internet influence consumers and businesses. Since then, he worked on different cryptocurrency projects, including including conceptionalizing a blockchain-based platform to issue, store, market and distribute tokens related to the Football Transfer Market and Aurelium Gold, an Ethereum-based platform to issue, store, market and distribute in the primary and secondary market an ERC1400 gold-backed stablecoin. Today, as the founder of the E.A.D.A.T European Asset Digitalization Agency and member or founder of various NFT and Blockchain discussion Groups, he advises clients around the world on blockchain and NFT. 

“This is precisely why the European Blockchain Association was founded: to help people understand blockchain technology and provide a platform that enables organizations and individuals, who wish to take the industry forward, to do so. NFTs are still in their infancy, so we’re thrilled to have Matthias on board. He has a strong grasp of the environment and is an excellent communicator. We can only advise anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve in the NFT field to join the group.”