The European Blockchain Association welcomes Rubinstein & Schmiedel AG

by | Apr 11, 2022 | memberships, news | 0 comments

How will financial markets develop? Delivering solid answers to this question is at the core of our new member’s business. Rubinstein & Schmiedel AG develops AI-supported capital investments, using technologically optimized financial forecasting and solely AI-driven trading – based on a technology developed by the company itself. Welcome to the European Blockchain Association, Rubinstein & Schmiedel!

“As a deep-tech company with strong focus on the latest innovations, we are heavily involved in blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Being a member of the EBA enables us to share our views with a community of like-minded experts from the field and participate in the global evolution of the blockchain universe”, says Thomas Schmiedel, CTO at Rubinstein & Schmiedel.

New asset classes through innovative technology

Rubinstein & Schmiedel was founded in 2019 by Kirill Rubinstein, CEO and Thomas Schmiedel, CTO. The Swiss FinTech has 19 employees in Switzerland and Germany and specialises in the development of AI-supported capital investments. Having launched an initial successful investment product exclusively for high-net-worth individuals in 2019, it has been in stealth mode for the past three years. During this time the company achieved an outstanding track record with an exclusively AI-driven live trading approach – with an underlying technology, that was developed by Rubinstein & Schmiedel itself. The next step: scale it up into various investment products.

In the future, the company will offer its own funds to professional and qualified investors who want to profit from the development of new asset classes with the help of innovative, technology-driven investment approaches.

Innovation – a product of collaboration

“I am convinced that the biggest changes in the finance industry are yet to come, and we are seeing more companies from this sector join the EBA, whether it is custody, trading, or other services. Our organization’s diversity of companies and topics is its most valuable asset to its members. It’s also great to have a forward-thinking partner like Rubinstein & Schmiedel on board. After all, innovation is the result of collaboration.”, states Michael Gebert, Chairman European Blockchain Association.