EBA welcomes Eugenio Reggianini as Representative for Asia-Pacific

by | Nov 2, 2022 | news | 0 comments

The European Blockchain Association is happy to announce that Eugenio Reggianini, international expert in Web3 and blockchain applications, has joined the team as Representative for Asia-Pacific! Eugenio adds invaluable expertise at the regulatory and market intersections of blockchain technologies and crypto currencies across European and Asian markets!

In a world more connected than ever, digital data silos have become a crucial business obstacle. Missing integration as well as operational and regulatory friction hinders innovation and participation. Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain technologies enable a cross-border perspective for delivering social, financial, and environmental inclusion. Strengthening ties outside Europe and actively seeking exchange with players in the Asia Pacific region, the European Blockchain Association is committed to facilitate cross-border exchange and cooperation.  

Interoperability – a key to the future world of tokenized digital assets

“We are still at the beginning of the journey to a world of tokenized digital assets – from money tokens to financial products, green certificates, and digital unique representations of ownership – supported by digital identifiers and regulatory frameworks. In this future interoperability is going to be key to really empowering cross border communications, processes, businesses, and services overall”, Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association explains. “This is why now is the time to drive better cross-border services and true interoperability that covers all aspects, from technical aspects like software networks, smart contracts, and application standards to regulatory, reporting, and taxonomical rules between nations and regions. We are very happy to have Eugenio on board to support this goal!”

Innovative approaches versus mature, harmonized markets – a beneficial exchange

While Europe, currently the largest crypto market worldwide, is preparing to be the first harmonized regulated crypto continent in the world with MICA and the DLT pilot regime ready to be put into force, Asian markets are driving and delivering innovative institutional use cases like CBDC pilots, national securities exchanges, and more retail-oriented uses like defi brokerage services and metaverse tokenized digital estates and gaming applications.

 “I am convinced there is much potential for mutual benefits. Europe can benefit from Asia’s experimental approach and its immersive communities to better understand the possibilities – and limits – of blockchain innovation, whereas the fast [1] growing Asian communities can benefit from interacting with a harmonized, consumer-oriented and mature market of digital asset service providers”, Eugenio Reggianini states.

Market communities need interaction – especially if global adoption is the goal

He adds: “Within my roles as a manager, I had the privilege to work across European and Asian countries and learn from personal experience the benefits and pain points of delivering instantaneous cross border services. And if I learned one thing, it is that market communities need to speak to each other to enable global adoption. I look forward to supporting the European Blockchain industry and our Association to find a clear pathway to Asian markets, extending networks as well as connecting applications and providers from these two data ecosystems. I am excited to accept this challenge and to work with members, colleagues, and stakeholders to paving the way for secure cross border token transfers and seamless experiences!”

[1] Six of ten countries in the Global crypto index adoption 2022 by chainalysis fall within Apac region. Please see at https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/2022-global-crypto-adoption-index/