Joining forces for blockchain education: EBA and Academic Programme “Economics of Blockchain” of Panteion University sign MoC

by | Jan 18, 2023 | news | 0 comments

It is with great pleasure that today we announce our cooperation with the Academic Programme “Economics of Blockchain” (EoB) of Panteion University in Athens, Greece. The “EoB” progamme promotes awareness of blockchain technology and its applications in business and finance and provides information and education to the public. To achieve this goal, it cooperates with international institutions and associations. The EBA is proud and honoured to be one of these partners.

Kick-off webinar: The state of crypto/blockchain regulation in Europe

The cooperation will be kicked off with a joint webinar to introduce the goals and activities of the EBA to students of the programme as well as interested community members. Following the ingtroduction, Erwin Voloder, Senior Policy Fellow at the EBA will present the latest facts and figures on the state of crypto/blockchain regulation in Europe.

🖥 The webinar is scheduled for January 24th, 6pm CET. It is free and online. Find more information on how to join here.

Education is key to put blockchain to good use

“We were impressed with the education initiatives the EBA has launched and especially love the prospect to cooperate with other educators in the EDUDAO project, ” says Nikos Dsakalakis, Academic Coordinator for the EoB Programme. “We see a lot of potential for our students to profit from the real-life experience of the EBA members and experts. In a field that is evolving as fast as the blockchain ecosystem, it is essential to continuously subject academic knowledge to a reality check. After all, we want our students to be successful in this growing industry.”

“When it comes to blockchain knowledge, there still lies a lot of work ahead. Especially important for students will be the ability to distinguish the signal from the noise as there is a growing number of self-proclaimed experts and profiteers trying to exploit the uniformed. Really understanding the latest advancements in the technology and the potential – good and bad – of its use cases is absolute key”, adds Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the EBA. “Be it in our cooperations within the Erasmus programme or cooperations with institutions like the Panteion University’s EoB programme we count ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to work together with the academic and scientific community.”