A community to solve real world problems – introducing our new member w3.fund

by | Apr 12, 2023 | memberships, news, web3 | 0 comments

w3.fund, a Berlin-based first-time fund takes a holistic approach when it comes to shaping the web3 ecosystem. Investments go hand in hand with education and diverse community-building activities. In our interview with Vicktoria Klich, co-founder of w3.fund, we explore the reasons why the investors are going the extra mile, what they are looking for in their investments, where they see the furture of web3 and how they will support the EBA community. Read on to get to know our new member w3.fund.

🎤 Vicktoria, at w3.fund, investments are only one part of the package. Why do you put a lot of extra effort into projects like the w3.hub or the w3.vision?

The reason we put so much effort into projects like the w3.hub and the w3.vision is because community is a crucial component for us as a Web3 investment fund. The w3.vision x DMEXCO, as one of the largest Web3 and marketing events in Europe, reaches nearly 40 thousand people. This event not only caters to Web3 natives but also to institutional companies or brands that utilise the infrastructure and application of Web3 startups. The community gets a big platform to share their ideas through this event. Similarly, the w3.hub will be the go-to space for the Web3 scene. There is currently no place in Berlin where everyone can come together, meet, exchange ideas, work together, or host events. In summary, web3 is all about community, and we invest in it accordingly.

🎤 You also invest in both, start-ups and digital assets. How do you decide where to invest? What are you looking for in a start-up or digital asset?

The approach to investment at w3.fund is centred around identifying startups and digital assets that have the potential to solve real-world problems and improve existing solutions through the use of blockchain technology. The focus is on investing in applications that people will use in the future, such as tools, products, and innovative business ideas. Key areas of interest include asset tokenization, gaming, refi, defi, and virtual fashion, as well as opportunities for the metaverse. The investment range includes equity and tokens in pre-seed and seed rounds, and the team places a strong emphasis on investing in serial entrepreneurs with experience. By prioritising these factors, we aim to invest in the most promising projects that have the potential to make a significant impact in the web3 space.

🎤 So, which current projects and web3 innovations do you think will impact consumers the most in the long term?

The current Web3 innovations that will have the most impact on consumers in the long term are those that focus on digital assets with utility such as NFTs, which have specific functions within their ecosystems, such as in-game assets. Technologies such as soulbound tokens, ID-on-chain, and wallets also present interesting investment opportunities as it enables the consumer to store information on-chain and companies to track user behaviour throughout different platforms . At w3.fund, we believe in the tokenization of assets and its potential to effectively impact our lives, which is why we invest in projects like Cashlink or Fantium.

🎤 Which trends to are you expecting to evolve in the near future from the web3 and metaverse space?

Firstly, people will increasingly connect with a digital identity and take it across various platforms, creating a need for “avatar looks” such as virtual fashion or lifestyle products. Secondly, there will be a significant increase in events like concerts or meetups that do not replace real-life experiences but serve as a good add-on to connect with others. These trends will be leveraged when the technical requirements are met to accommodate many people at once in a server online and in the browser. The team expects a larger boom when crypto mobile emerges, allowing more people to fully utilise decentralised applications (dApps) on their smartphones. Digital ownership will become increasingly relevant, which is why w3.fund is also focused on investments that are creating platforms that are user-friendly and have easy-to-understand UX/UI.

🎤 Again, welcome to the EBA! We are very happy to have you on board. Which benefits do you see in cooperating with the European Blockchain Association?

The benefits of cooperating with the European Blockchain Association are numerous. Firstly, we believe that working collectively within a larger network can have a greater impact. As we have mentioned, community is a crucial component for us at w3.fund, and the European Blockchain Association shares this value. They have supported us on many levels and represent our values. In turn, we would like to support the ecosystem of the European Blockchain Association with our knowledge and projects such as our fund, conference, co-working space, and media. Our shared vision is to push topics forward progressively and educate people along the way, and together we are stronger.