Bringing the web3 community together: joins European Blockchain Association!

by | Apr 12, 2023 | memberships, news | 0 comments

Digital ownership and decentralisation will flip the current paradigm of the internet from accumulating value in tech monopolies to distributing value to users. This firm belief fuels all activities of, a Berlin-based first-time fund started by serial founders. Investments, building communities and education are the pillars of the fund’s holistic approach to supporting the web3 ecosystem. Welcome to the European Blockchain Association,! – made by builders, not bankers

Behind the is a team of tech-savvy serial entrepreneurs and web3 natives. And while investments in web3 start-ups and digital assets of metaverse ecosystems are one core pillar of the fund, it does not stop there. 

“We are builders, not bankers”, Tim Keding Founding Partner of states. “We don’t just want to put our money into promising ideas, we want to really shape the ecosystem. Besides investing, we educate, for example with our podcasts, we bring the community together at one of the biggest web3 events in Europe, the conference, and currently we are setting up a large co-working space in Berlin to give the web3 community a home – where we will hopefully be welcoming many of the EBA members to events, hackathons and more. We are looking forward to engaging with this strong community of experts.”

A holistic approach to benefit all parties

“This holistic approach is precisely what the Web3 space requires. to take a comprehensive perspective” applauds EBA chairman, Dr. Michael Gebert. “Because of how quickly the ecology is changing, it is not always simple to distinguish between the wheat and the chaff. The formation of relationships and the gathering of the most talented individuals in the same room, either in person or virtually, will be beneficial to all parties concerned. The EBA community is looking forward to get involved and build the web3 future together!”

Want to learn more about the and its activities? Visit the fund’s website here and read our interview with co-founder Vicktoria Klich here.