EBA welcomes Anti-Money-Laundering expert AMLBot as new member

by | Jul 12, 2023 | governance, memberships, news | 0 comments

The European Blockchain Association (EBA) is pleased to welcome new member AMLBot to its esteemed community. Founded in 2019 by a team of certified AML specialists, AMLBot offers a full-fledged crypto compliance solution that protects businesses and users from malicious assets and actors. We are proud and honoured to have you on board, AMLBot!

Helping to create a transparent cryptocurrency market 

With a team of 43 specialists operating from four different locations (Kyiv, London, Gothenburg, and HongKong) the company offers services that help safeguard interactions in the crypto market, protect businesses and users from scammers, stolen coins and damage to their reputation, and conducts blockchain investigations in cases of discovered theft. The experts check crypto addresses and transactions for signs of dangerous affiliations and suspicious sources in accordance with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). For businesses the company offers additional services like API integration, consulting, and automated KYC. 

A tool for everyone to protect assets and reputations 

“The promise of cryptocurrencies is a more trusted and transparent financial ecosystem. We want to help fulfil this promise and make the cryptocurrency market a safe space for everyone, thus creating an input in the digital assets’ mass adoption”, says Niko Demchuck, Legal & AML Specialist at AMLBot. “We are thrilled to be working with the EBA community on making web3 a secure and trustworthy infrastructure and contribute our knowledge to the EBA’s working groups.” 

“Trust is the foundation for the prosperity of any web3 business. Unfortunately, the importance of services that strengthen trust and transparency in the crypto space is growing. After our recent announcement of the Verified Staking Provider Program, I am ecstatic that AMLBot has joined our community, bringing additional expertise in securing community trust and transparency. We are eagerly anticipating the collaboration!”, says EBA chairman Dr. Michael Gebert. 

👉 If you want to learn more about next steps for AMLBot and the top3 tipps for a safe crypto experience, read our interview with Legal & AML Specialist Niko Demchuck.