EBA welcomes Swiss Staking Service Provider Restake!

by | Jan 30, 2024 | memberships, news, Staking | 0 comments

Effortless staking with institutional standards – nothing less is the mission of Swiss Staking Service Provider Restake. Considering itself as a one-stop-shop for institutional delegators it offers advanced staking infrastructure, including a node-agnostic staking software development kit (SDK), that is highly reliable, secure, flexible, and offers industry standardisation. It is our great pleasure to announce that Restake has joined the European Blockchain Association as a member and contributor to our Proof-of-Stake Working Group. Welcome to the community, Restake! 

Secure and flexible nodes for institutional delegators

Various protocols, complex infrastructure, unfamiliar processes – staking can be an intimidating form of digital asset participation for non-experts. Restake has set out to offer a simple and flexible solution, especially to institutional delegators like venture capital & crypto funds, exchanges, wallets, and custodians, as well as traditional investors, who especially benefit from being educated on how they are able to get rewards through diversifying their portfolio with digital assets and the risks and rewards compared to existing financial products they know. “We want to make life easier for finance professionals by offering our clients a standardized and platform agnostic framework that lets investors manage their staking needs in a highly secure, scalable and flexible environment”, says Ralf Taner, Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Restake. 

High quality staking infrastructure – a necessary step to widespread adoption

“Reliability and security is what finance professionals are looking for first, when considering new investment opportunities. Service providers like Restake play a crucial role in driving adoption of new tech and investment concepts – especially in the EU, which upholds high standards in finance and data security”, states Dr. Michael Gebert, Chairman of the European Blockchain Association. “We are pleased to see more services that offer enterprise-grade staking solutions coming from European start-ups, and it is a great pleasure to work and discuss with the Restake team. I am looking forward to seeing their customer base grow.”