EBA Update Round – April 2019

Topics Discussed: The EBA’s legal basis as a German association, new options for augmenting member profiles aka EBA Cards, a pan-european survey of WGGov, and XSC as a means of exchange of services

In this April’s update round, we shared our excitement about the imminent entry of the EBA in the Munich court register – a process that finally comes to its end.

Following this, we discussed new enhanced editing options for EBA Cards:
Each EBA member can now present herself to let others know about her interests and to start conversations based on her expertise. We recently added a number of new fields and options allowing members to add much more information to their profiles. Thus, the EBA Card could become a valuable asset in a blockchain expert’s CV.

After these more administrative topics, we had the pleasure of watching Working Group Governance steward Kevin Leuthardt presenting preliminary results of the first pan-european survey of the legal and regulatory impacts of Decentralised Semi-Autonomous Organisations DSAOs, such as the EBA itself.

It was great to see that Kevin managed to get valuable feedback from different countries on a topic which itself is quite sophisticated. Here’s the link to the preliminary results. It would be absolutely great if each EBA member could check in her personal rolodex (for younger members: that’s the archaic version of a contact network) if there are more potential target persons (i.e. European lawyers) we could invite to answer the survey! Please feel free to distribute this link to everybody who matches this requirement.

Let’s say a BIG THANK YOU to Kevin and Rebecca to take care of this survey – great work!

We concluded the update round by discussing how to implement Crowdstart Coin XSC as a means of exchange of services in EBA. On the one hand, we need to find services for EBA members that are valuable in order to justify the member fee, on the other hand, XSC shall be used to exchange services among EBA members individually. Ideas how to foster XSC are welcome – please add them on Slack!

That’s it for today – see you soon!

First XSC Distribution To New EBA Members

As in every new organisation, let alone a decentralised semi-autonomous organisation DSAO, first members are first movers in the truest sense of the word: they may face some hiccups at the beginning.

After we finalised the first version of our governance model last week, we are now ready to start the distribution of CrowdstartCoins XSC to our new members. In order to provide EBA members with a a basic budget of our internal currency XSC, we today sent 2.000 XSC to each new member’s Ethereum wallet. If you registered lately, just have a look into your wallets and enjoy!

If you want to know more about CrowdstartCoin XSC, you can inform yourself here and here. If you don’t have an Ethereum wallet, feel free to download the original XSC wallet here – there is an iOS, as well as an Android version.

Those EBA members who have not yet added their Ethereum wallet address to their member profiles, don’t worry. If you add your address, we will take that into account for the next distribution!

Rewarding Blockchain Innovation With CrowdstartCoin XSC

Some weeks ago, our friends over at Crowdstart Capital announced that they would donate a large chunk of their crypto currency CrowdstartCoin XSC to the European Blockchain Association. You can imagine how happy we have been! 

The way, the Crowdstart team has been distributing XSC until then, you could call ‘reactive’: they have screened Github for valuable code that had been added to the blockchain ecosystem. Then, developers were rewarded with XSC for their completed jobs and projects.

We want to turn this process upside-down: since there is so much work to do – not only real programming, but also research, marketing, and even administrative work – we have decided to put projects out for tender. The projects will be diverse, ranging from technical ones; i.e. coding, to communicational, administrative or marketing tasks. All  projects will be rewarded with CrowdstartCoins XSC. Here, find the first invitations to tender.

Each project will contain:

  • Project title and description
  • Contracting entity
  • Deliveries
  • Schedule
  • Reward in XSC

Initially, projects will be announced and XSC will be provided by the EBA. Later, after XSC have become more evenly distributed,  EBA member can announce projects themselves and reward suppliers with XSC. If you plan to put a project out for tender yourself, add it to our #innovation Slack channel. The EBA team then takes care and adds it to the list of actual projects. Looking forward to seeing many innovative and helpful ideas popping up and being rewarded with XSC!

The European Blockchain Association XSC Reward System – Combining Intrinsic With Extrinsic Motivation

The European Blockchain Association – as a decentralised semi-autonomous organisation – relies on the active participation of its members. Beside acknowledging the intrinsic motivation of each EBA member to actively add value to the ecosystem, the EBA supports and rewards useful community activities by distributing crypto currency CrowdstartCoin XSC.

CrowdstartCoin XSC is an ERC20 crypto currency that was created in 2017 by Crowdstart Capital CSC in order to reward developers who add valuable code to the blockchain ecosystem. During the launch of the European Blockchain Association, CSC decided to donate 40% of its total XSC supply to the EBA.

EBA will provide each new member at the successful membership application with the same amount of (free) CrowdstartCoins XSC. In the first phase, each new member will receive 2.000 XSC.

The EBA uses CrowdstartCoin XSC for two purposes: first, XSC will be rewarded to EBA members that add value to the EBA community, and second, XSC will serve as the internal currency for the exchange of goods and services within the EBA community. Please see below the first version of the EBA benefits catalogue with the respective amounts of XSC per benefit and per year. Each member may make use of her CrowdstartCoin XSC to pay for the respective benefit provided by the EBA.

European Blockchain Association Benefits Catalogue
(All amounts of XSC as per year)

500 XSC – Digital use of the official European Blockchain Association logo
1.000 XSC – Use of an individual European Blockchain Association eMail address @eublas.org
2.000 XSC – Offer consulting, graining and other services to European Blockchain Association members
2.500 XSC – Lead a working group
3.500 XSC – Start a local European Blockchain Association hub
5.000 XSC – Start a national European Blockchain Association hub

This catalogue will be changed and extended over time. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the catalogue, feel free to join the conversation in the official EBA Slack channel eublas.slack.com.

Welcome Startup Accelerator Crowdstart Capital And Crowdstart Coin XSC!

Today, we welcome Crowdstart Capital as a new member of the European Blockchain Association! Crowdstart Capital, or CSC, will take over the EBA accelerator node with the mission to promote blockchain-based startups throughout Europe.

As part of the deal, CSC will bring 40% of the total amount of their Crowdstart Coin XSC crypto currency. XSC has been around for some time in the crypto space. It has been distributed by CSC for free to reward developers and engineers for adding valuable code to the blockchain community. You can read more about the CSC story here.

We at the EBA will distribute XSC to our members – as a starter when they actually become members, and throughout their membership for activities and assets they add to the blockchain community. We are in the process of defining specific activities and will publish a list of these, later on. Our goal is to use XSC as the EBA’s currency, or the financial lubricant that facilitates the EBA incentive scheme. 

It’s an experiment and we can’t guarantee that it will work out as expected. We probably will have to adapt the scheme now and then, and we are open for suggestions for improvement. Feel free to contact us and discuss the Crowdstart Coin XSC with us!