New Working Group EUCUS: Clarity and Standards for Crypto Asset Custody

by | Dec 2, 2021 | Custody, news, Working Groups | 0 comments

While more and more companies are embracing blockchain and crypto assets, the basic regulatory and technological concepts of crypto asset custody are not yet fully established. Our new working group aims to bridge the gap between regulation and technology in the field of crypto asset custody to facilitate the adoption of crypto assets. Founding members of the group are Immutable Insight, DECUS Network, and Tangany. The group is open for anyone operating in the ecosystem of crypto asset custody or interested in the topic.

“Experience in other areas such as staking shows that it is important to engage with the ecosystem early on in order to work towards harmonization of regulation, technology and their interplay at a European level”, says founding member Dr. Stephan Romeike, COO of Immutable Insight, who acts as a first point of contact for the working group.

Bridging the gaps with a diverse community

Bridging the gap between custody experts from traditional and new financial markets, creating clearly understandable educational materials, and developing clear recommendations for policy makers based on shared expertise are some of the main topics on the working group agenda.

The main goal for Simon Peters, Managing Director of DECUS Network, Julian Richter, Head of Sales and Business Development at Tangany, Philipp Sandor, Sales Manager at Tangany, and Dr. Stephan Romeike is to establish a community of experts from traditional institutions and aspiring startups to bring clarity and standards to the emerging field of crypto asset custody.

So, if crypto asset custody is on your agenda, join us!